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Deduce life itself with minimalist philosophy.

Felice takes the philosophy of minimalism as his main design idea, fully integrates the historical symbols and cultural connotations of European tradition, inherits the ultimate minimalism, and builds a simple and comfortable life style with the core spirit of minimalism.



  • Felice as a brand new series under Deutsche, first appeared in Shanghai Jisheng Weibang International Furniture Village in 2017. A grand conference attracted many people from the industry to attend. Smoked wood, ground leather, BV weaving process and other rare elements on the market make people refreshing, simple and generous design is more comfortable.



From design to process, main material and every link originates from pure Italian lineage. Its innovation, unique process treatment and accurate grasp of lines inherit the taste and elegance of the simple European space layout, and make the product hierarchy more in line with the modern simple aesthetic standards.